Just finished working on collaborative project which taught me a great deal.  The project was to use Google Docs to write collaborative book reviews.  Now I had just finished using this tool with my 8th graders; they were collaborating on writing a script for a movie.  One of the things that I unexpectedly had to cover with them, was how to go about properly editing or suggesting changes.  At one point a huge argument broke out because one student decided what someone else had written was dumb, and just erased it (while the other person was in mid-sentence typing).  So, I quickly quieted everyone down and held a discussion on etiquette.  Thankfully nothing like that even remotely occurred in this project.  But for an 8th grader, its all part of the learning curve.

Overall, I feel the EDU 653 project went well.  There were individual requirements we all had to complete and then come together and create the final product.  This is one aspect that I personally need to structure better into my own lessons.  While my students did have some individual aspects, they did not end up fitting into the final project as I originally envisioned.  This project helped me work through that and gave me a better perspective for next year.

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